NEW Westfalia panels



Here we offer brandnew interior panels for late Bay Westfalia busses. You can use it left or right.

Like all our Westfalia reproductions we make it to the original!

So we do not offer a cheap copie of "maybe it fits" we offer the original design. Our Panels are made of 100 % plastic, so no more worries about water or waterdamp, it will last!

Maybe plastic sounds cheap to you, but we tested several materials and we decide only plastic will last long enough to make you happy (and your bus).

All our panels are CNC produced, so we can provide it fits perfect!

So if you like quality and not search for the cheapest item, here we are!

We produce all our items in Germany and we like to offer you the best quality, we spend a lot of time and money to offer you this quality and we are  proud to produce and to offer it exclusively.

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